Monthly Archives: October 2014

Autumn in Ripon

L1000336Its nice in Ripon, we moved here three weeks ago and are just getting to grips with the landscape, the people and the geography.

Moving back to Yorkshire is the best thing we ever did, here are some photos from walking around the region this weekend


The countryside around North Stainley is beautiful, I will be adding to these images as winter sets in and we make the most of the magnificent North Yorkshire countryside!

L1000356L1000428 L1000464 L1000432 L1000449


Harrogate, playground to the rich and famous

What is it that makes Harrogate so alluring on a blustery Autumnal day?


Certainly a kick through the leaves and a wonder up the Stray is always a pleasant experience, as is a coffee and cake at Weeton’s, welcoming and warm as ever, even if I did lose my lens cap.

Here are some more pictures showing the best of the Autumn leaves on a lovely october day…

L1000396 L1000389 L1000388 L1000383 L1000400 L1000382 L1000378 L1000373 L1000365 L1000361 L1000355

Autumn, Harrogate, sunshine and a new camera, what is not to love?


Starting from scratch

I have a new camera. And I have to start from scratch, learning to compose, focus, expose and shoot, all in its most basic form.

I am so looking forward to it


What very quickly becomes clear, is that focusing is not easy.

To deliver a lovely bokeh, and give a crisp clean focus to the main event (my Mother in this case) requires skill and balance – especially with the weight of the 50mm f. 1.4

I am finding that less is more, and in the future, there will be no such thing as a quick snap.