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Shutlingsloe, Cheshire

Shutlingsloe, Cheshire

Shutlingsloe is a hill we climb (walk up) on the first Sunday of every month in 2014, rain or shine

…or it was, until we moved to Yorkshire!

According to Wikepedia…
Shutlingsloe is a hill near the village of Wildboarclough, in the east of the county of Cheshire. It stands to the south of Macclesfield Forest, on the edge of the Peak District and within the Peak District National Park.

A steep-sided hill with a distinctive profile, sometimes described as the ‘Matterhorn of Cheshire’, it is the third highest peak in the county (Shining Tor being the highest and Whetstone Ridge second highest) with an elevation of 506 m (1,660 ft), and commands excellent views over Cheshire.

5th January 2014
Freezing, wet and rainy

The name derives from old English ‘Scyttel’s hlaw’ meaning ‘Scyttel’s (personal name) hill’ and is one of several ‘low’ names in the Peak District, from the same Old English root that gives rise to the name “Law” for many hills in southern Scotland.

Sunday 2nd February 2014

Sunny, cold and breezy

Saturday22nd February 2014
sunny and bright, up a little bit early this month with family
beautiful as ever

Sunday 13th April 2014
sunny and bright, missed out in March, so made it up here for 4th visit of year on a windy Sunday, weekend before Easter. just the two of us, nice and quit!

Sadly, the truth of it is, we have not been up there since the 13th of April.
A lot can happen in 7 months, indeed, it has – and we therefore need to find our new Shutlingsloe for 2015 and stick 100% to the task this time, I think we can do this; no more moving house, no more complicated weekends, no more living with a cat on my head.
we are all free to explore…

Empty office, Holbeck

A hedge full of ideas

What is an office without people?   Nothing much.

nothing to see here

I took my camera into the office today thinking I would take a walk around Holbeck Urban Village and capture scenes of industrial regeneration, street art and general trendiness; it never happened.

The city of Leeds

The city of Leeds

 Events overtook me, I got stuck doing some other stuff and, and then it was 6.00pm and the camera had never made it out of the bag.

Plan B, snap your surroundings out of context, the office with no workers.

I will revisit Holbeck at a later date, in the mean-time, here is an office without people.

L1000775 L1000781 L1000784 L1000787 L1000788 L1000791 L1000792 L1000797 L1000801

Studley Roger & the church of St. Mary

These beautiful Autumn afternoons are fast disappearing, especially if you have to complete a few hours hard labour in the garden, before you can escape to the country!

L1000743 L1000704 L1000763

Following the quite enjoyable axe-weilding frenzied destruction of our predecessors horrific planter troughs, chopping into bite-size chunks for the fire, and round trip to ditch 3 tonnes of soil at the tip (Or recycling centre to give it the full name, where everyone else from Ripon and surrounding area also seemed to be) there remained a two hour window to walk, snap some shots and enjoy beautiful Yorkshire.

The church in the distance is the Church of St Mary, in the grounds of Studley Royal Park at Fountains Abbey, crucially around 5 minutes drive from the tip in Ripon.

Where else other than a Victorian Gothic Revival church would you go for a stroll on a Sunday after doing your outside jobs?

L1000757 L1000712 L1000708 L1000703

The parkland here is simply beautiful, especially in this light, at the end of a long wet autumn weekend.

L1000739 L1000735 L1000733 L1000726 L1000724 L1000715

Parking in Studley Roger, making sure not to upset the locals, we passed through the gate house and up the entirely straight 1.2 mile road to St Mary’s, at the top of the park, all the time looking out for, but never spotting the (rutting) deer in the park.


This is a beautiful park and as soon as I have renewed our NT membership, we will be back for a full-on day out to take in Fountains Abbey and gardens as well – whatever the season or weather, clearly this is one place we will always return to (and I don’t mean the tip).

Keswick, Derwentwater and cumbrian sausages.

220 miles is a sizeable round trip for a sausage sandwich, but when its a propper cumberland, and served up by family in some of the most photogenic scenery the lakes have to offer, then its worth grabbing the camera, setting the sat nav, and hitting the road for Keswick, Derwentwater and Braithwaite.


Derwentwater is one of the principal bodies of water in the Lake District National Park in north west England. It lies wholly within the Borough of Allerdale, in the county of Cumbria.



The lake occupies part of Borrowdale and lies immediately south of the town of Keswick. It is both fed and drained by theRiver Derwent. It measures approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) long by 1 mile (1.6 km) wide and is some 72 feet (22 m) deep. A regular passenger launch operates on the lake, running between Keswick and a number of drop off points and marinas around the area.



There are several islands within the lake, one of which is inhabited. Derwent Island House, an 18th-century residence, is a tenanted National Trust property open to the public on five days each year.

L1000652 L1000645 L1000658 L1000653 Crow Park
Indeed, Derwentwater is a place of considerable scenic value. It is surrounded by hills (known locally as fells), and many of the slopes facing Derwentwater are extensively wooded.
As for Keswick, its a great place for a stroll around, a cup of tea and a bit of shopping – especially if you are looking for outdoor wear or walking gear of any description.
Friar's amazing sweet shop

Friar’s amazing sweet shop



One of the highlights of any visit to keswick is a look around Friar’s sweet shop, with its amazing Christmas displays – where else can you find some chocolate lips for those all important stocking fillers?

L1000688 L1000694




Was it worth the 220 mile drive to see these strange woodland laughing creatures?



Of course it was……and where else could you find the finest sausages that England has to offer?

sausages 534x356






More from me soon on these pages as I snap my way across the leafy North.