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Ripley Show gets better every year

Last year we went to Ripley Show for the first time, it was fantastic and we made a date for the calendar to be there again in 2016.

Ripley Show gets better every year.

Well that date arrived, faster than you can say ‘organic produce’ so we packed up our picnic and made the most of another beautiful Yorkshire day; and I am proud to report that Ripley Show gets better every year.

L1005501 L1005511

There’s something for everyone at Ripley Show

The cattle this year were amazing, this beautiful Aberdeen Angus was my favourite beast of the whole show, majestic and absolutely huge!

L1005471 L1005472 L1005473 L1005475 L1005476 L1005477 L1005479 L1005482 L1005483 L1005484 L1005488 L1005489 L1005490 L1005491 L1005493 L1005497 L1005499 L1005506 L1005507 L1005515

The animals are great, especially the pigs and sheep, but the tractors and assorted old machinery are also well worth a look including the carriage driving and vintage cars.

L1005514 L1005512 L1005521


No excuse for many similar pictures to last year!

– all in a all great day out, Ripley Show gets better every year!

Ripley Show gets better every year

Ripley Show gets better every year

Well done to all the organisers, exhibitors and competitors.


2017 is already in the diary.

Ripley Show is a great day out

Ripley Show is a great day out!


Held on the second Sunday in August; we were at Ripley Show today, Sunday 9th August 2015 from 9am till late,  and what a great time we had – Ripley Show is a great day out!

As always, the animals are beautiful, but it’s people watching that makes the day,  Yorkshire folk at their best; judging, relaxing, exhibiting and enjoying a day in the country, God’s finest indeed.

L1003146 L1003144 L1003131 L1003135 L1003137 L1003117 L1003112 L1003110 L1003109 L1003108 L1003102 L1002999 L1002980 L1003013


The show venue is Ripley Castle Park, Harrogate HG3 3EA.


The show is organised by The Ripley and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society, a member of the Yorkshire Federation of Show Societies.


The show represents the local farming and country community and the organisers are very grateful to Sir Thomas Ingilby Bt for permission to hold the show in the beautiful grounds of Ripley Castle.


There are many animals on show including the following classes – I hope you like some of my photos, and make a date for next year!

L1003090 L1003089 L1003088 L1003087

Heavy Horses, Hunters M&M, Children’s Classes
(showing & jumping)

L1003152 L1003151 L1003084 L1003083 L1003076 L1003073 L1003067 L1003066 L1003065

Companion Dog Show, Dog Agility, Terrier Racing
(entries on the day)

L1002979 L1002977 L1002976 IMG_5662 IMG_5661 IMG_5660 IMG_5659 IMG_5658 L1003053 L1003052 L1003051 L1003049 L1003047 L1003046 L1003044 L1003039 L1003038 L1003037 L1003036 L1003031 L1003033 L1003028 L1003024 L1003022 L1003020 L1003018 L1003017 L1003016 L1003014 L1003012 L1003011 L1003009 L1003005 L1002996 L1002995 L1002993 L1002992 L1002991 L1002990 L1002985 L1002984 L1002983 L1002981 L1002980

Sheep, Cattle and Pigs

L1003100 L1003099 L1003098 L1003097 L1003095 L1003094

Vintage Machinery and Tractors

L1003093 L1003091

Yorkshire’s largest and finest display of Vintage Tractors

L1003143 L1003141 L1003140 L1003139 L1003130 L1003128 L1003127 L1003126 L1003125 L1003124 L1003123 L1003122 L1003121 L1003120 L1003114

Horticulture, Produce and Handicrafts

Click here to view/download the schedule


Harrogate, playground to the rich and famous

What is it that makes Harrogate so alluring on a blustery Autumnal day?


Certainly a kick through the leaves and a wonder up the Stray is always a pleasant experience, as is a coffee and cake at Weeton’s, welcoming and warm as ever, even if I did lose my lens cap.

Here are some more pictures showing the best of the Autumn leaves on a lovely october day…

L1000396 L1000389 L1000388 L1000383 L1000400 L1000382 L1000378 L1000373 L1000365 L1000361 L1000355

Autumn, Harrogate, sunshine and a new camera, what is not to love?