Rome is for Lovers

I love Rome, so much so that I went again this year; but when I look back, nothing beats the summer trip last year – so lets go back…

L1000854 IMG_4436


I will let the pictures do the talking, all shot on a Leica X2 on a sunny visit to Rome in July 2013.

L1001053 L1001049 L1001048 L1001014 L1001009 L1000948 L1000954 L1000969 L1000975 L1000985 L1000995 L1000913 L1000909 L1000905 L1000878 L1000873 L1000867 L1000864 L1000855 L1000866 trevi fountain L1000850 L1000802 L1000813 L1000827 L1000834 L1000835 L1000836 L1000794 L1000779 L1000776 IMG_4444 IMG_4404 IMG_4401 IMG_4400 IMG_4381 IMG_1969