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Gleneagles is worth a visit

Gleneagles is worth a visit

I had never been to Gleneagles before, I am now asking myself, why I had to wait 52 years to come to this hotel in rural Perthshire, Scotland

… It’s amazing.

Gleneagles is worth a visit; in fact I would say it’s a hotel worthy of the group it belongs to; ‘ One of the leading hotels of the world’

Says it all...

Says it all…

The hotel is traditional, formal, relaxed and modern, all at the same time; the staff are so good, you want to take them home and have them organise the week ahead…

An amazing hotel, by any stretch of the imagination.

An amazing hotel, by any stretch of the imagination.

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The food is amazing, especially the breakfast, best savoured with your friends on a lazy weekend morning…

The Hattons and Bramwells, guests of Kinetic for the S.O.A.G. Balll, a night to remeber!

The Hattons and Bramwells, guests of Kinetic for the S.O.A.G. Ball, a night to remember!

OK we had to have one colour shot for those Duck Eggs!!

L1001886 L1001885

The Rooms are amazing

L1001880 L1001878 L1001876 L1001869 L1001855 L1001825

The bar is amazing, before dinner or after, with or without a dinner suit, the fantastic staff are on hand; and they really know how to make a lively Bloody Mary.

A special place for special people

Time for a spicy bloody mary…

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GleneaglesAnd I never even took the golf clubs, with my handicap it would have been an insult to the truly beautiful surroundings.

Of course any trip is really made by the people you are with, and in this case our hosts were fantastic. Thank-you so much for a lovely 24 hours of total decadence.


Waiting for the 11.00am all clear on the Centenary course

Stunning Perthshire countryside beyond the three championship golf courses…

Everyone was queueing up to play the Ryder Cup course, it’s the lovely established King and Queens courses that do it for me.



To finish, this is truly a special hotel, I have driven past it so many times, I cannot believe I have now found it.

We will be back.

Once you enter through these doors, you become rather relaxed.

Once you enter through these doors, you become rather relaxed.

In the short time you have on this earth, irrespective of whether you play golf or indeed do not; everyone should go and stay at Gleneagles for at least a nightL1001831 L1001827 L1001824 – it truly is well worth a visit!



Some tigers on the beach in North Berwick


In July 2013, our annual golf pilgrimage took us to Muirfield, East Lothian.

Golf anyone?

Golf anyone?

After a fantastic day on the course, the tigers were spotted on the beach in nearby North Berwick, as the sun came down, the fun continued.

Some tigers on the beach at North Berwick

Having been to Barcelona, Seattle, Dublin, Whistler in British Columbia and then Madrid all in one week, I thought it was time to come closer to home and reflect at the weekend on domestic sporting events of epic proportions – and nothing comes close to the British Open Golf Championship; especially if you are dressed as a tiger for the weekend.







Tigers on the beach

Tigers on the beach


The Lion sleeps tonight – not.


It has to be said that this was a special day!

East Lothian Local constabulary working with the gamekeepers to round up the tigers and one stray lion.

East Lothian Police rounding up the Tigers... Muirfield, July 2013 Apple iphone5

East Lothian Police rounding up the Tigers…
Muirfield, July 2013
Apple iphone5

The golf was amazing, but sadly Tiger was not up to scratch – even with our support he never delivered the result we were all hoping for.

IMG_4352 IMG_4350

Tigers in the long grass, Muirfield

Tigers in the long grass, Muirfield

IMG_4338  that was fun.




Gullane Bents

Gullane Bents is a beautiful setting for an early morning or early evening walk. 
The combination of a sweeping long beach coupled to undulating dunes looking out over 
to Fife and the Firth of Forth, is a real treat as well as a mouthful at sunrise or sunset.
Gullane Bents

Gullane Bents

Gullane (from Scottish Gaelic A’ Ghualainn, meaning “the ridge/shoulder”)[1] is a town on the southern shore of the Firth of Forth in East Lothian on the east coast of Scotland.

It is also where my sister has lived for a very long time, I therefore have visited numerous times over the years, and at every opportunity I take a walk with her on the beautiful beach.

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

Gullane, East Lothian

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

The Bents

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

Gullane Bents, the village’s award-winning beach, is backed by large sand dunes that in recent years have become rather overgrown by invasive shrubs like sea-buckthorn. Gullane is part of the John Muir Way, a long-distance footpath along the coast between Musselburghand Dunglass.

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

More beach

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

And more…

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

Gullane Bents beach Scotland, Golf East Lothian

Gullane bents






Easter Bunnies

Easter Bunnies

Back up in Scotland, for a special Easter in Aberfeldy

Well hello again, back up here to enjoy my mum’s cooking and some great Easter fun with the family in the sunshine.

the Highland Piper in his natural surroundings

the Highland Piper in his natural surroundings

One of the highlights is always to decorate eggs and then hide them in the garden, this year I took on a highland piper theme – and won the competition hands down.

We have traditionally always visited highland Perthshire around the Easter holiday, but very rarely does the sun shine, so we made the most of it this year and did a lot of walking under cloudless blue skies and twenty degree heat.

Along the banks of the River Tay

General Wade Bridge, Aberfeldy

General Wade Bridge, Aberfeldy

A lovely 8 mile walk is possible from Aberfeldy to kenmore, starting at General Wade’s bridge, take the footpath on the far side and follow the river along all the way to Kenmore. We did this walk on easter Sunday on a bright sunny day.

The bridge build by General Wade to take his troops over the River Tay at Aberfeldy.

We set out along the path looking towards the snow covered peaks of Ben Lawers in the distance – itself along the bank of Loch Tay, past Kenmore as the River gives way to the open Loch.

At regular intervals the riverside path can be left behind for a right turn towards various local attractions in the glen.

The House of Menzies and Menzies Castle are both within a mile and a half of Aberfeldy.

The House of Menzies is a great spot to stop off, have a coffee and a cake and perhaps buy some wine from the fantastic selection on offer at the wine merchants within the courtyard.

Further along, towards Dull, you can divert to the excellend Highland Safari Centre, with its deer park, mountain bike trail, gold panning and activity centre looking out across the glen.

Aberfeldy, Perthshire


(My first ever post on Blogger)

I am sat in my parents house, in Scotland. Another country in fact.

A place where I came on holiday as a kid, a place where it always rains, and a place that is beautiful, but 300 miles away from where I live, so it brings back memories, makes me think, and brings a number of images to the forefront of my mind.

The newly re-opened Birks cinema in Aberfeldy town centre

The newly re-opened Birks cinema in Aberfeldy town centre

This started me off, belatedly to thinking of starting a blog, to write about things that interest me – travel, photography and people in places that I have been or plan to go to.

Not the first blog in this area I am sure, but its my first one, so lets see how we get on.

So what about Aberfeldy and the surrounding area? 

I have been here many times, and it never changes, sitting in Perthshire, down the road from the main A9, but far enough off the beaten track to be another world.

General Wade

General Wade stands aloft overlooking his famous bridge over the river Tay

Beyond its association with Burns, who mentioned Aberfeldy in his poem The Birks of Aberfeldy, the town is known for “Wade’s Bridge”, built in 1733 and designed by architect William Adam, father of the more famousRobert Adam. General Wade considered this bridge to be his greatest accomplishment. Aberfeldy is also mentioned in the traditional Loch Tay Boat Song.

The Birks of Aberfeldy

The town also includes a memorial to the Black Watch, an 18-hole golf course, a children’s park, and a town square that features stores, restaurants and art galleries. In 2002, Aberfeldy was granted Fairtrade Town status, which was renewed by the Fairtrade Foundation on 15 December 2003.

Dewar's world of whisky

Dewar’s world of whisky

The Aberfeldy Footbridge over the River Tay is constructed entirely of composite materials. It connects two holes of the town’s golf course on either sie of the River Tay (All courtesy of Wikipedia).

Dewars Distillery

The recently refurbished Birks cinema – a fantastic community effort that is a credit to all involved. With cinema, cafe and bar, the Birks is restored to its former glory. I remember seeing Rollerball here as a kid…..

I will keep revisiting these pages, as I will always be visiting this spot to remember the past

A Birk in Aberfeldy

A Birk in Aberfeldy