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Wensleydale day out

The sun was shining and the wind was blowing, Masham sheep fair had been ticked off and it was a Sunday; it was time for a Wensleydale day out.

Bolton Castle always offers some amazing photographic opportunities; so this time we ventured into the castle as well as out and about walking between Aysgarth falls, Redmire and the surrounding lower Wensleydale rolling dale.

Looking towards Pen Hill, Lower Wensleydale from Bolton Castle

Looking towards Pen Hill, Lower Wensleydale from Bolton Castle

What a great place to visit, if you live round the corner like us, or you are coming from farther afield – Wensleydale is absolutely beautiful, unspoilt and full of interesting history.

Bolton Castle, Wensleydale

Bolton Castle, the perfect place to start a Wensleydale day out.

It’s not the first time I have featured Castle Bolton, bit on a sunny day like this, there is no better place to be with my Leica.

I hope you like my pictures.

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Usha Gap base camp

Camped with our mates in Swaledale again last weekend at this fantastic campsite.

Usha Gap camp site is a winner, even when it rains!

Usha Gap camp site is a winner, even when it rains!

Usha Gap base camp

The weather was horrific, but when did that ever stop anyone having a good time?

IMG_5781 IMG_5772 IMG_5774

Campfires, wine and some nice steaks on the barbeque – so no worries re a damp night under canvas, this is the place to be!

IMG_5777 IMG_5776 IMG_5775


And when it stops raining you can take a lovely 5 mile walk up and down Upper Swaledale, taking in Muker and other villages; there is always the ‘Farmers Arms’ in Muker – a 10 minute walk away if you can’t face getting the washing up done.

Usha Gap is a great camp site – no electricity, you are back to nature and near some nice new toilet and washing up blocks on a family run friendly site in deepest North Yorkshire dales.

What ids not to love?

Book here…..

IMG_5785 IMG_5784 IMG_5783

Ripley Show is a great day out

Ripley Show is a great day out!


Held on the second Sunday in August; we were at Ripley Show today, Sunday 9th August 2015 from 9am till late,  and what a great time we had – Ripley Show is a great day out!

As always, the animals are beautiful, but it’s people watching that makes the day,  Yorkshire folk at their best; judging, relaxing, exhibiting and enjoying a day in the country, God’s finest indeed.

L1003146 L1003144 L1003131 L1003135 L1003137 L1003117 L1003112 L1003110 L1003109 L1003108 L1003102 L1002999 L1002980 L1003013


The show venue is Ripley Castle Park, Harrogate HG3 3EA.


The show is organised by The Ripley and District Agricultural and Horticultural Society, a member of the Yorkshire Federation of Show Societies.


The show represents the local farming and country community and the organisers are very grateful to Sir Thomas Ingilby Bt for permission to hold the show in the beautiful grounds of Ripley Castle.


There are many animals on show including the following classes – I hope you like some of my photos, and make a date for next year!

L1003090 L1003089 L1003088 L1003087

Heavy Horses, Hunters M&M, Children’s Classes
(showing & jumping)

L1003152 L1003151 L1003084 L1003083 L1003076 L1003073 L1003067 L1003066 L1003065

Companion Dog Show, Dog Agility, Terrier Racing
(entries on the day)

L1002979 L1002977 L1002976 IMG_5662 IMG_5661 IMG_5660 IMG_5659 IMG_5658 L1003053 L1003052 L1003051 L1003049 L1003047 L1003046 L1003044 L1003039 L1003038 L1003037 L1003036 L1003031 L1003033 L1003028 L1003024 L1003022 L1003020 L1003018 L1003017 L1003016 L1003014 L1003012 L1003011 L1003009 L1003005 L1002996 L1002995 L1002993 L1002992 L1002991 L1002990 L1002985 L1002984 L1002983 L1002981 L1002980

Sheep, Cattle and Pigs

L1003100 L1003099 L1003098 L1003097 L1003095 L1003094

Vintage Machinery and Tractors

L1003093 L1003091

Yorkshire’s largest and finest display of Vintage Tractors

L1003143 L1003141 L1003140 L1003139 L1003130 L1003128 L1003127 L1003126 L1003125 L1003124 L1003123 L1003122 L1003121 L1003120 L1003114

Horticulture, Produce and Handicrafts

Click here to view/download the schedule


Jervaulx Abbey

Jervaulx Abbey. What a beautiful place this is.

Jervaulx Abbey

Jervaulx Abbey

We only live around the corner, but having moved back here a year ago, have driven past Jervaulx Abbey and Masham so many times, so glad we popped in today!

With a lovely tea room, a very helpful guide book for £2.50 and at £3 per person to look around the ruins of the Abbey, this is a fantastic venue for the afternoon

Many thanks, I hope you like my snaps, certainly everyone should visit this beautiful Abbey, the wild flowers and gardens are lovely, tranquil and rather more peaceful than other more famous places…..

Founded in 1156, Jervaulx Abbey was once a great Cistercian monastery

Plundered and pillaged during the Dissolution of the Monasteries in the 16th century, the Abbey now stands as an enchanting, charming and atmospheric ruin, allowed to flourish by its private owners with wild flowers and plants freely exploring its many nooks and crannies.

Set in the midst of the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, Jervaulx Abbey’s dramatic and yet tranquil ambience has won the hearts of many of its visitors. We hope that this website presents a flavour of the Abbey’s special qualities and acts as a source of inspiration for past and future visitors.

Jervaulx Abbey, is open all year round, dawn till dusk and plays host to civil ceremonies, wedding receptions, charity events as well as being used as a film and photo shoot location, and is part of the Turner Trail.

I have put a link to their website here


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Jervaulx Abbey

Jervaulx Abbey

L1002961 L1002964 L1002966

Muker, Swaledale

Muker, Swaledale is one of the most beautiful places you could wish to visit. Located at grid reference SD910978, on the banks of the Straw Beck near its confluence with the River Swale, at one time a centre for lead mining, the main economic activities are now woollen clothing, tourism and sheep farming.

Famous now of course for the first stage of the Tour de France, which whizzed through in July 2014 on the first stage of the race, having dropped down into Swaledale through Buttertubs pass.

In the village, the pub is the Farmers Arms, and does a great pint of Black Sheep. Muker also has a village shop as well as craft shops and a café. Originally the Vicarage, the Muker village tea shop was built in 1680 and retains much of its ‘Olde worlde charm’ today. A Park Information Point for the Yorkshire Dales National Park can be found at the Muker Village store.

Here are some shots from the weekend spent camping at Usha Gap campsite, well worth a trip at any time of the year, we will be back soon.

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Usha Gap campsite, Muker, Swaledale North Yorkshire May 2015 Leica M (type 240) Summilux-M 1:1.4/50 ASPH. f4.0, 1/2000 sec, ISO 200

Usha Gap campsite, Muker, Swaledale
North Yorkshire May 2015
Leica M (type 240) Summilux-M 1:1.4/50 ASPH. f4.0, 1/2000 sec, ISO 200

A bit about Muker from Wikipedia…

The traditional late 18th and early 19th century barns and drystone walls of Swaledale are the most characteristic feature of the landscape. The flower-rich hay meadows around Muker are of international importance and are carefully protected. Farmers receive grants which allow them to farm the land by traditional methods, without using artificial fertilizers.

Muker is also home to the Muker Silver Band, a brass band formed in 1897.[6] The band, which recently celebrated its hundredth anniversary, is now one of the last surviving bands in Swaledale and Wensleydale, and still maintains a busy calendar of public appearances.