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Studley Royal rutting

Everybody is out this weekend looking to photograph some Studley Royal rutting.

Seeing some Studley Royal rutting yesterday was the high point of a man-flu laden weekend. A short walk on an autumnal Sunday in this majestic space was a lovely way to get some fresh air and see the beautiful deer inhabitants of this great park.

Studley Royal Deer

Studley Royal Deer

Lots of deer on view as well as all the best Autumn has to offer, some words below from the NT website.

Autumn at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal

 © Richard Jemison

Autumn has arrived with an explosion of colour in the garden and deer park at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal in North Yorkshire. Known for its autumn colour, the grounds are breath-taking each autumn, and this year is no exception.

The months of October and November are perfect for a walk through the acres of red, orange, gold and green woodland which surrounds the ponds and canals of the Georgian Water Garden. Run through the crunchy fallen leaves, find the biggest conkers and acorns, and discover some fantastic fungi from shaggy inkcaps to chicken of the woods!

Use one of our wildlife spotter sheets to discover birds that make the estate their winter home, spot which deer is which by the colour of their rumps, and take a look inside a fallen tree to see what bugs you can discover.

Please remember that during the months of October, November and December it is the annual deer rut in the park. The mating season can make the male stags and bucks aggressive and territorial so make sure you keep your distance and do not approach the deer.

We’re open every day apart from Fridays in November, December and January.

The daddy sits on his own

The daddy sits on his own


Oh deer…. here are my more inferior snaps


L1003788 L1003789 L1003791 L1003795 L1003797 L1003799 L1003800 L1003802 L1003803 L1003804 L1003805 L1003808

Studley Royal Deer

Studley Royal Deer

L1003812 L1003815 L1003818 L1003819

The daddy sits on his own

The daddy sits on his own

L1003822 L1003823 L1003824


Studley Roger & the church of St. Mary

These beautiful Autumn afternoons are fast disappearing, especially if you have to complete a few hours hard labour in the garden, before you can escape to the country!

L1000743 L1000704 L1000763

Following the quite enjoyable axe-weilding frenzied destruction of our predecessors horrific planter troughs, chopping into bite-size chunks for the fire, and round trip to ditch 3 tonnes of soil at the tip (Or recycling centre to give it the full name, where everyone else from Ripon and surrounding area also seemed to be) there remained a two hour window to walk, snap some shots and enjoy beautiful Yorkshire.

The church in the distance is the Church of St Mary, in the grounds of Studley Royal Park at Fountains Abbey, crucially around 5 minutes drive from the tip in Ripon.

Where else other than a Victorian Gothic Revival church would you go for a stroll on a Sunday after doing your outside jobs?

L1000757 L1000712 L1000708 L1000703

The parkland here is simply beautiful, especially in this light, at the end of a long wet autumn weekend.

L1000739 L1000735 L1000733 L1000726 L1000724 L1000715

Parking in Studley Roger, making sure not to upset the locals, we passed through the gate house and up the entirely straight 1.2 mile road to St Mary’s, at the top of the park, all the time looking out for, but never spotting the (rutting) deer in the park.


This is a beautiful park and as soon as I have renewed our NT membership, we will be back for a full-on day out to take in Fountains Abbey and gardens as well – whatever the season or weather, clearly this is one place we will always return to (and I don’t mean the tip).

Autumn in Ripon

L1000336Its nice in Ripon, we moved here three weeks ago and are just getting to grips with the landscape, the people and the geography.

Moving back to Yorkshire is the best thing we ever did, here are some photos from walking around the region this weekend


The countryside around North Stainley is beautiful, I will be adding to these images as winter sets in and we make the most of the magnificent North Yorkshire countryside!

L1000356L1000428 L1000464 L1000432 L1000449


Harrogate, playground to the rich and famous

What is it that makes Harrogate so alluring on a blustery Autumnal day?


Certainly a kick through the leaves and a wonder up the Stray is always a pleasant experience, as is a coffee and cake at Weeton’s, welcoming and warm as ever, even if I did lose my lens cap.

Here are some more pictures showing the best of the Autumn leaves on a lovely october day…

L1000396 L1000389 L1000388 L1000383 L1000400 L1000382 L1000378 L1000373 L1000365 L1000361 L1000355

Autumn, Harrogate, sunshine and a new camera, what is not to love?