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Ripley Show gets better every year

Last year we went to Ripley Show for the first time, it was fantastic and we made a date for the calendar to be there again in 2016.

Ripley Show gets better every year.

Well that date arrived, faster than you can say ‘organic produce’ so we packed up our picnic and made the most of another beautiful Yorkshire day; and I am proud to report that Ripley Show gets better every year.

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There’s something for everyone at Ripley Show

The cattle this year were amazing, this beautiful Aberdeen Angus was my favourite beast of the whole show, majestic and absolutely huge!

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The animals are great, especially the pigs and sheep, but the tractors and assorted old machinery are also well worth a look including the carriage driving and vintage cars.

L1005514 L1005512 L1005521


No excuse for many similar pictures to last year!

– all in a all great day out, Ripley Show gets better every year!

Ripley Show gets better every year

Ripley Show gets better every year

Well done to all the organisers, exhibitors and competitors.


2017 is already in the diary.

Ivy House Farm, Borrowby

Being Archers Addicts and living in North Yorkshire, we had to get down to Ivy House farm, Borrowby near Thirsk this Sunday to make the most of ‘Open Farm Sunday’ and give us some perspective before the 7.00pm Archesrs broadcast shattered our dreams and told us how David would have done it…

What a lovely little farm this was; just up the road from Thirsk and a nice spot to stop before going on to Sutton bank for a walk.

L1002459 L1002488

Ivy House Farm was a fitting setting for a family day of fun with small children and animals running around in equal measure.

Foe me, the pigs were the stars of the show, both the noise pink ones, and the hairy more laid-back variety – they are such fun to watch and loved to perform for the camera!

L1002461 L1002460 L1002464 L1002466 L1002468 L1002473 L1002470 L1002487 L1002469

Poultry young and old was also everywhere you looked…from the chickens in the yard, having a dust-bath before being chased by kids, to the chicks only a few days old, being passed around by eager hands.

L1002482 L1002465 L1002478 L1002477 L1002481

All in all, a lovely afternoon, well done to the workers and owners, a lot of child-friendly hard work had made this farm a nice place to visit – and it’s always good to understand where your plate of bacon and eggs started off.