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Amalfi in Monochrome

Amalfi in Monochrome.


I keep adding images as the week progresses – tempted as I am to use colour, I want this post to be all about Monochrome.


It  goes dark here so quickly, round about 6.15pm just as it’s time for an early evening drink.

So here is to the Hotel La Bussola – scene of a honeymoon 27 years ago; it’s still standing, and so is the hotel, out on the front, overlooking the harbour with our white Fiat 500 just parked outside.

l1000644 l1000640 l1000634 l1000633


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All these years on and the Amalfi coast is as beautiful as I remember; in fact more so; here are some images taken in monochrome this week; I hope you like them.

img_1402 l1000450 l1000451 l1000457 l1000460 l1000467 l1000469 l1000471 l1000474 l1000476 l1000478 l1000479 l1000480 l1000483 l1000485 l1000489 l1000495 l1000500 l1000501 l1000503 l1000504 l1000505 l1000507 l1000510 l1000520 l1000524 l1000525 l1000531

Keswick, Derwentwater and cumbrian sausages.

220 miles is a sizeable round trip for a sausage sandwich, but when its a propper cumberland, and served up by family in some of the most photogenic scenery the lakes have to offer, then its worth grabbing the camera, setting the sat nav, and hitting the road for Keswick, Derwentwater and Braithwaite.


Derwentwater is one of the principal bodies of water in the Lake District National Park in north west England. It lies wholly within the Borough of Allerdale, in the county of Cumbria.



The lake occupies part of Borrowdale and lies immediately south of the town of Keswick. It is both fed and drained by theRiver Derwent. It measures approximately 3 miles (4.8 km) long by 1 mile (1.6 km) wide and is some 72 feet (22 m) deep. A regular passenger launch operates on the lake, running between Keswick and a number of drop off points and marinas around the area.



There are several islands within the lake, one of which is inhabited. Derwent Island House, an 18th-century residence, is a tenanted National Trust property open to the public on five days each year.

L1000652 L1000645 L1000658 L1000653 Crow Park
Indeed, Derwentwater is a place of considerable scenic value. It is surrounded by hills (known locally as fells), and many of the slopes facing Derwentwater are extensively wooded.
As for Keswick, its a great place for a stroll around, a cup of tea and a bit of shopping – especially if you are looking for outdoor wear or walking gear of any description.
Friar's amazing sweet shop

Friar’s amazing sweet shop



One of the highlights of any visit to keswick is a look around Friar’s sweet shop, with its amazing Christmas displays – where else can you find some chocolate lips for those all important stocking fillers?

L1000688 L1000694




Was it worth the 220 mile drive to see these strange woodland laughing creatures?



Of course it was……and where else could you find the finest sausages that England has to offer?

sausages 534x356






More from me soon on these pages as I snap my way across the leafy North.



Autumn in Ripon

L1000336Its nice in Ripon, we moved here three weeks ago and are just getting to grips with the landscape, the people and the geography.

Moving back to Yorkshire is the best thing we ever did, here are some photos from walking around the region this weekend


The countryside around North Stainley is beautiful, I will be adding to these images as winter sets in and we make the most of the magnificent North Yorkshire countryside!

L1000356L1000428 L1000464 L1000432 L1000449